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National Institution for Transforming India

NITI Aayog, the National Institute for the Transformation of India, established and replaced the Planning Commission, with a 68-year history. The aim of this institution is to meet the goals of sustainable development and strengthen federal co-operation by strengthening the participation of Indian state governments in the economic policy process using the bottom-up approach (states to the central government).

The following are the missions of this institute:
1. Create a common vision of national development priority strategies with the active participation of states;
2. Pay particular attention to the community at risk (lack of sufficient economic development);
3. Designing strategic and long-term policies, frameworks, support programs and monitoring their progress;
4. Provide a platform for solving cross-sectoral and inter-organizational issues to accelerate the implementation of development plans;
5. Focus on promoting technology and building capacity for implementation of programs and initiatives.

Some of the most important actions of this institution include:
• Agricultural reform;
• Improve medical education;
• Digital Payment Movement;
• Managing central government support programs;
• Poverty eradication team;
• Working Group on Agricultural Development;
• Measures state performance in health, education and water management;
• Strengthening the ecosystem of innovation;
• Skill Development Program.

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