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Future Energy Storage Technologies; Post-lithium-ion batteries

Advances in energy storage technologies have affected many aspects of today's world. Among many available technologies in energy storage field, lithium-ion batteries could grow rapidly and widespread into many applications because of their sophisticated features.

However experts predict that this technology is approaching its limits and more improvements will be difficult or impossible to achieve in coming years.

On the other hand, today's batteries are not good enough in many applications, therefore alternative technologies are extremely desired.

In this report, some of the most promising alternative technologies which are known as post-lithium-ion batteries are introduced and their cons and pros as well as the main methods for overcoming their weakness are discussed. Finally, these technologies are compared and then categorized based on estimated time to widespread commercializing.

It is predicted that at least one of these technologies become widely available before 2030 and this could lead to an intensive transition in energy and transportation sector.

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