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Envoy: Chinese expert delegation visits Iran to re-design Arak Reactor

He made the remarks in a press conference here at Chinese embassy on Tuesday.
Pang Sen said that China as one of two chairs of working group to rebuild Arak Reactor has always been in contact with related Iranian officials.
He also announced that new round of Syria Talks might probably be held next week and said that Syrian crisis settlement process has entered a key stage and the UN Special representative in Syria affairs De Mistura is to hold this round of talks in Geneva.
Referring to agreement between Russia and the US concerning ceasefire in Syria, Pang Sen said that China, as permanent member of the UN Security Council, positively is participating in settlement of Syrian crisis.
China believes political solution as the sole way to end Syria crisis, Pang Sen added, China supports talks between Syrian government and opponent under leadership of the UN.
The ambassador said that there is no good or bad terrorist and terrorism is common enemy of humanity.
He also announced that in near future, military delegation from Iran and China, delegation from Iran Interior Ministry and China Public Security Ministry as well as delegation from police forces of the two countries will be exchanged.
Iran and China have exchanged views on fighting terrorism, trans-country crimes as well as fight against drug trafficking and have reached wide range of agreements in these concerns, the ambassador said.
He added that trade exchange volume between the two countries in 2015 was 33.850 billion dollars and in the first five months of 2016 reached 14.100 billion dollars.
Concerning crude oil purchase from Iran, the ambassador said that China had imported 15 million tons of crude oil from Iran, which shows 2.5 percent increase in comparison with that last year.
Concerning Iran's membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Pang Sen said that Iran is among important countries of the region and China has always had a positive view on Iran's membership in SCO and support it.

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