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“Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers” Membership in CTCN

Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers, a leading global provider of professional engineering and consulting services was formed in 1973 as a joint venture between the private sector of Iran and Montreal Engineering Company of Canada and started its activities in Iran energy industry. Currently, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers is a private entity which Mapna Group, AMEC Foster Wheeler, and MIR Engineering and Technology Management Company (Employees’ share) are the main shareholders. Monenco Iran, has a leading position and plays the main role in Iran power industry and provides engineering, consultancy and supervision services in a broad range of target markets including renewable and cogeneration and distributed generation.
Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers has developed the engineering and consultancy requirements in different fields in the country through providing proper solutions for its clients and was successful to expand its services across Iran market by entering into new target market such as Repowering, Urban Trains Stations and Tunnels, High-speed Railways and Metro as well as Market Analysis, Investment & Management Consultancy in 2016.
Furthermore, having it’s headquarter in Iran, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers has established an outstanding presence in the International market and is active worldwide. Accordingly, in order to penetrate in Middle East, Europe and Africa, Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers has registered offices in Oman, Germany and Nigeria also was successful to enter Oil & Gas market in Bangladesh. Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers was successful to expand its market in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa and CIS countries.
Monenco Iran Consulting Engineers has arranged strategically local and international partnership with well-known engineering firms for mutual support of the ongoing projects.

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