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Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review 2019

The book, entitled “Science and Technology in Iran: A Brief Review”, provides the readers with an overview of the country’s 2019 achievements in 13 different fields of science and technology.
The book starts with a history of science and technology in Iran, and then elaborates on the Islamic Republic’s “national policy documents on science, technology, and innovation.”
The first chapter also highlights Iran’s global position in terms of scientific publications, and provides a review of the country’s latest scientific and technological statistics.
From the second chapter on, the book offers specific information, data, and statistics about 13 fields of science and technology, including nanotechnology; biotechnology; stem cell technology; cognitive sciences; medicinal plants and traditional medicine; and information and communication technology.
Cultural and creative industries; aerospace; aviation technology; marine industries; water, drought, erosion, and environment technologies; conventional energies (oil and gas); and renewable energies are the other fields of science and technology covered in this book.
Each chapter of this book is divided into five parts: “History and background”, “Objectives and strategies”, “Capacities and capabilities”, “Authorities”, and “International cooperation.”
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