Marine Industries Division

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Marine Industries Division
The maritime industry includes a wide range of engineering and construction activities that can be used to create significant coastal and maritime opportunities for job creation and economic prosperity. Currently, more than 90% of Iran's exports and imports are via sea freight and the Persian Gulf, which indicates the high importance of the development of the maritime industry in the country. As a key sector, the industry has strong ties to various sectors of the economy and is a driving force for other industries.
The maritime industry can be divided into seven industries as follows:
1- Offshore (exploration, extraction, production and transfer of oil and gas materials to land or floating)
2- Shipping (transportation of cargo and passengers via waterways)
3- Ports and terminals (unloading, loading and storage of goods)
4- Fisheries (fishing, storing, transferring and discharging marine aquatic)
5- Tourism and maritime tourism
6- New energies (generating electricity from sea waves and wind turbines installed in the sea)
7- Construction and repair of all types of surface and subsurface vessels.
The country's capacities and advantages:
- Existence of about 2700 km of maritime boundaries with neighboring countries through the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman;
- The country's remarkable historical record in this field and its recognition as one of the country's advantageous industries;
- Existence of capable collections and entities in the field of marine industry. 
Some carried out activities:
- Contribution to the transfer of technical knowledge, design, construction and repair of vessels, structures and marine equipment;
- Strengthening of the domestic manufacturing market for the development of the shipbuilding industry;
- Development of maritime transport institutional infrastructure such as insurance and accreditation;
- Membership in related domestic and international organizations, such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO).