Water Division

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Water Division
Water is a natural, scarce, vital and at the same time renewable resource that human beings need continuously at any time and place and is considered as a valuable and irreplaceable commodity in the economic and social development of countries. Water plays a pivotal role in land preparation and is the infrastructure for the development of other sectors. It is one of the important components in maintaining, balancing and sustaining the ecosystem and the living environment.
  The following conditions and capacities have made water an important issue for the Country:
1- Being located in a waterless and relatively dry region of the Middle East
2- Existence of high technological capacities in domestic knowledge-based companies;
3- Internal development of dam, piping and instrumentation industries;
4- Existence of research institutions and educational centers related to water.
Some carried out activities:
- Establishing international cooperation to help design and build various water and wastewater treatment systems;
- Contribution to the acquisition and localization of advanced technologies in the water industry by domestic companies;
- Development of water diplomacy and review of opportunities and threats in the field of border waters of the country;
- Membership in the related international organizations, including GWI and IDA