Oil and Gas Division

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Oil and Gas Division
The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the largest holders of oil and gas resources in the world. The existence of these assets has provided many opportunities for scientific and technological development and wealth creation. Taking advantage of this opportunity is possible only if, in addition to creating wealth through direct oil and gas exports, the promotion of domestic power in the oil and gas industry in the upstream and downstream sectors is considered.
The main goals in this area are:
Development of oil and gas value added chain;
Improving the internal capacity in the management and construction of equipment and providing services in the upstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas;
Improving productivity in the extraction of oil and gas fields and increasing the extraction coefficient from the reservoirs;
Increasing the country's share of revenues from the development of joint oil and gas fields;
Localization of key technologies in upstream and downstream oil and gas industries;
Meeting the country's need for fuel and energy inputs and cutting dependence in this area;
 The country's capacities and advantages:
Being ranked as the second in the world in gas reserves and first in the world in total oil and gas reserves;
Existence of capable domestic companies in manufacturing of oil industry equipment and oil and gas products;
Some carried out activities:
Contribution to develop the infrastructure of upstream oil and gas industry;
Helping to transfer and compile technical knowledge of making catalysts;
Assisting in the commercialization of special materials production processes in refineries and petrochemicals;
Helping to develop technologies in the field of increasing the recovery factor.