Agriculture and Food Division

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Agriculture and Food Division
Agriculture and food division addresses issues such as production policy, distribution, supply, import, export and resource management in order to increase agricultural productivity and food security in the country.
Currently, there are about 132 companies in various sectors of agricultural biotechnology that have launched 170 commercial products
The country's capacities and advantages:
The area of land used in agriculture and horticulture is about 35 to 37 million hectares, which is about 21% of the total area, of which agricultural lands are about 18.7 million hectares and horticultural lands are about 2.7 million hectare;
The share of the agricultural sector in GDP is about 14.5%;
The number of employees in this sector is about 4 million people;
The share of the agricultural sector in non-oil exports is about 30%;
The Employment capacity in the agricultural sector is about 350 thousand of graduates.
Some carried out activities:
Identifying issues and challenges in agriculture and food, and providing innovative solutions;
Development of technologies and innovations that can be used to solve problems and challenges in the agricultural sector;
Monitoring and identifying models and technologies related to the development of the agricultural sector in other countries and helping to localize them in the country;
Identifying and supporting capable domestic entities in the field of agriculture.