Electronics, Communications and Robotics Group

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Electronics, Communications and Robotics Group
The extensive applications of electronic and telecommunication devices in different industries including aerospace, telecommunications, home appliances, power plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, transportation, automotive, etc. spotlights their importance.
The following items can be considered as the most important sectors of the future of this field:
-  Electrical vehicles and intelligent transportation;
-  Development of the 5G network;
-  Internet of things;
-  Wearable smart gadgets;
-  Smart City.
The capacities and advantages of the country for development of electronics, communications and robotics include:
-   Skilled and talented human capital resources;
-   Low wages;
-   Cheap energy;
-   Easy access to raw materials;
-   Wide and various research centers in this field;
-   Lower required investment (than other industries) to create jobs and develop SMEs;
-   Relatively large domestic market;
 Some of the achievements in electronics, communications and robotics are:
- Establishing international cooperation in designing and manufacturing radar systems, low-earth orbit communications satellites and local controlling systems for power plants and petrochemical plants;
-  Medical devices export ;
-  Medical devices branding ;
-  Localization of the supply chain of various products;
-  Networking to facilitate business process;
- Develop supportive legislation for knowledge-based firms export in electronics...