Information Technology and E-Business Group

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Information Technology and E-Business  Group
   Information Technology (IT) as one of the major industries of the world economy creates a turnover of € 3500 billion.  Integrating IT into economy can yield different benefits such as reducing production costs, increasing efficiency, raising quality of products and services, and increasing demand to name  a few. Developed countries using IT increase productivity of work force and innovation in production methods, improve marketing and distribution systems, and decrease costs of trading.
   Like other countries, Iran recognizes the increasing impact of IT on different sectors and the economic effects associated to its growing market. IT indices in Iran indicate that the country is experiencing an increasing growth in development and application of IT. Annually, 200 thousand IT experts graduate from universities yet there are only 120 thousand job opportunities for them. Development of labor market requires generating new business opportunities and participation in the global markets. Iran with 1% of the world population should have at least a share of € 35 billion of the world IT industry; however, it is only € 9 billion now.
Some of the country’s advantages and capabilities in IT area are as follows:
- Talented and expert human resources
- Capacity to develop digital businesses and bypass time and place restrictions to access new markets
- Different and numerous IT research centers
- Lower capital requirement for job creation
- Large domestic and regional markets
- Relative advantage over most of the countries of the region in terms of opportunities for IT development
- High technological capacity in local KBFs
- Effective application of IT for improving and developing other industries including oil, energy, and agriculture
Some of the measures taken in IT development:
- Decisions made for developing export supporting laws for IT KBFs
- Networking and seeking synergy through building contacts with private and public IT players
- Identifying problems and challenges and offering innovative solutions
- Participation in planning and implementing urban observation system
- Building effective contacts between different players of ICT
- Providing required ecosystem for developing cooperation with international technology corporations