Bioengeering Division

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Bioengeering Division
Bioengineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and biotechnology and affects the following areas:
Health and medicine;
The environment;
Biotechnology industry;
And economically, the followings are important:
Increasing the human health, well-being and longevity;
Reducing the environmental effects of production and industrial activities;
Decreasing the dependence on fossil fuels; 
The practical areas of this issue are defined, followed and realized in the following cases:
Process and diagnostic equipment (biosensors);
Tissue Engineering;
Biomaterial Engineering;
Application of biotechnology in the environment;
Biotechnology standards;
Three-dimensional bioprinting;
Convergent Technologies (NBIC);
The country's capacities and advantages:
Development of capable human capital in this field;
Appropriate research infrastructure;
The need of domestic and foreign markets for bio products;
Some carried out activities:
Providing soft solutions for cooperation between institutions in charge of multilateral issues;
Helping to develop knowledge-based economy in the field of biotechnology;
Creation and development of legal infrastructure for biotechnology standardization;
Manufacturing of milli bioreactor
Membership in the International Organization for Standardization (as the Secretariat of the National Committee for Biotechnology (TC276)
Membership in the Biotechnology Development Council of Iran.