Energy Governance Division

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Energy Governance Division
Energy is of particular importance to Iran as the world's second-largest gas supplier and one of the world's most important producers of crude oil. A survey of the challenges and problems in the country's energy sector shows that some of these problems are because of the policies in this field. Therefore, an improvement in energy governance is necessary. In addition, energy trade capacity provides a platform for promoting Iranian energy diplomacy.
 The country's capacities and advantages:
Being ranked as the second in the world in gas reserves and first in the world in total oil and gas reserves;
High capacity of energy diplomacy with the countries of the region and the world due to the special geographical location of the country;
Existence of suitable market for oil and gas consumption in the region;
Existence of legal infrastructure and necessary regulations in the country to reduce crude oil and gas sales, increase energy efficiency and diversification of oil and gas sales methods.
Some carried out activities:
Surveying of the history of the Ministry of Energy in the country and assessing the situation of the country in this regard;
Reviewing structures related to energy efficiency and promoting productivity promotion strategies;
Identifying the most important challenges related to collecting associated gases and paving the way for solving some of them;
Reviewing energy diplomacy in the country and efforts to promote its specialized discourse.