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Iranian Embryo Born 13 Years after Being Frozen

A baby girl has been born in the Iranian city of Isfahan thirteen years after being frozen. The child is the longest known frozen human embryo that has been delivered successfully in the West Asia region.

Export Support Will Be Provided to Knowledge-based and Creative Companies

The president of the international affairs and technological exchange center stated: with the cooperation of business development organization of Iran and Saderat Bank through promotional export meetings in various provinces, the problems and barriers to the international interactions will be evaluated in addition to introducing export support programs.

Port and Marine Technologies Are Being Developed

By signing a memorandum of understanding between the national space and advanced transportation administration and ports and maritime organization, the technologies in the field of maritime will develop in the country.

The production line of water heaters and solar desalination was opened

This morning and during the travel to Isfahan, the vice president for science and technology affairs opened the production line of ?Iranian-made? solar heaters and water purifiers in a domestic technological company. With the opening of this production line, green energy will be introduced into buildings and homes with the help of indigenous technology.

Digital economy of Iran in one glance

Known as internet economy, network-based economy, web-based economy, and a new economy, digital economy is a type of economy that largely depends on digital technologies such as communication networks, computers, software and other information technologies.

11 Countries to Attend Iran LAB EXPO 2019

Business people and investors from 11 countries are going to participate in the 7th edition of the Iranian Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals Exhibition (Iran LABEXPO 2019) on December 17-20.

“Innovation ecosystem” is the strong fortress against narcotics

The vice president for science and technology affairs stated: knowledge-based companies and startups have gained technologies and innovations that can work as a strong fortress against damages caused by narcotics. However, the ecosystem of these innovations and the extraordinary market in this area should be at their disposal.

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