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Iran-China IoT Innovation Center inaugurated in Beijing

Iran-China Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Center was opened on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Beijing IoT Congress at a ceremony attended by the Head of the Electronic and Robotic Department of Center for Progress and Development of Iran and the Secretary-General of Zpark Union of Internet of Things in Beijing.

Technological Cooperation of Iran and Uzbekistan Will Be Developed

The minister of industry, mining, and trade traveled to Uzbekistan as the head of a commercial and knowledge-based delegation. During the trip, the head of international affairs & technological exchange center was present along with the managers of 14 knowledge-based companies.

Knowledge-based economy moves on the circuit of humanities innovations

In a meeting with the members of the academy of sciences of Iran, the vice president for science and technology affairs talked about the importance of soft technologies and humanities in the development of knowledge-based economy and necessities for improvement of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem owing to creative development and product-based nature of the field.

Iran ready to take a step toward 5G technology

Iran is planning to run a limited test on the 5G networks next year in a bid to be ready to roll out the next evolution of wireless 4G LTE as it hits the mainstream in 2022 across the world.

National Institution for Transforming India

NITI Aayog, the National Institute for the Transformation of India, established and replaced the Planning Commission, with a 68-year history. The aim of this institution is to meet the goals of sustainable development and strengthen federal co-operation by strengthening the participation of Indian state governments in the economic policy process using the bottom-up approach (states to the central government).


Electrical energy storage devices have a key role in future world and supercapacitors are an attractive option in this domain. Supercapacitors are much better than today's lithium-ion batteries in some features such as rate of charge and discharge (power density), life and thermal performance but they are much heavier, bulkier and more expensive compared to lithium batteries. Research on supercapacitors is being pursued and it is likely that advanced supercapacitors with enhanced energy density be commercialized in near future.

Future Energy Storage Technologies; Post-lithium-ion batteries

Advances in energy storage technologies have affected many aspects of today's world. Among many available technologies in energy storage field, lithium-ion batteries could grow rapidly and widespread into many applications because of their sophisticated features. However experts predict that this technology is approaching its limits and more improvements will be difficult or impossible to achieve in coming years.

Study of Population Policies of Russian Federation

Population is one of the components of power. Also, suitable distribution of a population is one of the main factors in balancing many areas within the country, especially for countries with a large area of land. The report studies the population policies of the Russian Federation. One of the main pillars of this study is to outline the main policy of increasing population in Russia. These policies have led to an increase in the population growth rate after about two decades of decline.